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If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.


Once a digital product has been delivered it can not be returned to the seller, the reasoning is because of the inability to re-use any activation code or key. We can not take back any delivered product.


However if the product is not delivered yet you can enquire a refund trough the live-chat or email. The shop has a right to keep 20% of the paid ammount on refunds, this is for the administrative costs of cancelling an order and transactionfee’s.

If you did enquire a cancellation for the ordered product before the delivery has taken place you will receive the money back within two weeks, most of the time ot wont take longer than 3 business days.


We deliver all of our products by email, this is free. We do not deliver any product at home. Everything is via email.

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If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.

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