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#   Add games to the shop 
     – PS4 / PS5 account instructions
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#   Multiconsole linking
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# Introduction

On this page, you can find instructions on how to perform certain tasks, follow these instructions in order to successfully fulfill the task that you’re trying to complete.

The instructions are updated often, please do not process tasks if you were not asked to do so.

In case of errors or changes in the interface please contact the store admin to get it solved.

The instructions are updated often, but unfortunately are not always up to date due to lots of changes on the site, if you cannot complete a task please contact the admin to get it resolved.

Follow the instructions on this page to complete tasks for cheapestgamestore.

# Adding games to the shop

If you got instructed to add certain games to the site, you may use this guide to do that correctly. Please take a look at the instructions.

First, you have to add the game to the site, right after it is important that you also add stocks for the game you added. So please follow the full guide.

You may duplicate the game from one category to another, as long as you make sure you do update the title, images, category and SKU code. Also, some games have different descriptions on different consoles, please check that as well.

- Adding PlayStation 4/5 account game

Adding a PS4 account game, here its important that this is only for Standard edition games, not special editions or any other console, its important to follow the instructions carefully.

Please follow the instructions below. In the instructions we are adding the game ‘Just Dance 2022 – PS4’

1. Add a new product on the backend of the shop

Screenshot 2022 02 18T230335.510

2. Google search for the correct name and releasedate of the game, paste the name and releasedate as below:

Search the game and releasedate

Put the name and releasedate as followed:

Keep our style: Gamename + PS4 (or PS5)
Date should also be like: 00 Nov, 2021

3. Regions, categories and main image

Regions: Make sure that you check all regions and set the text to ‘GLOBAL’. This is important for future filtering and it shows the text in the product grids in the browser.

Categories: In order to make the product style and filtering work correctly, it is important that you make sure the following categories are turned on:

PlayStation 4:

– All products
– Playstation 4 (Primary)
– Playstation 4 account
– Games
– Accountshare format
– in gocdkeys account feed

PlayStation 5:

– All products
– Playstation 5 (Primary)
– Playstation 5 account
– Games
– Accountshare format
– in gocdkeys account feed
– Hide PS5 compatible PS4 games

Product main image: Go to google, search for the product that youre adding and add ‘cover ps4’ behind the searchbar. Then go to images and look for a borderless high resolution image with the original game and right ps4 cover(or PS5 for PS5 version). It must be an illustration, not a picture or anything less.

Download/save the image and simply upload it to the site, on the right place, as shown in the image below

4. Product images, youtube trailer and description

Product images: Go to google, search for the product that youre adding and add ‘wallpaper’ behind the searchbar. Then go to images and look for  borderless high resolution images with some variation and must be at least 720P so it fits the sizes as well.. 

Another way to collect images is by going to other shops and copying the images they showcase, for example amazon:

Download/save the image and simply upload it to the site, on the right place, as shown in the image below.

Just make sure you have high resolution images.

Make sure to fill all 4 spots, be original, what would you like to see about this game?

Game trailer via youtube: Go to youtube, search for the product that youre adding and add ‘PS4 (Or PS5) Trailer’ behind the searchbar. Then go to the legit trailer that you find, most of the time it will be the first result. Simply copy the url of the video and paste it in the site, as below:

Game description: This part is important, you have to be a little creative on this part.
There are different ways to collect a good description for a game, the ideal description is one where there is at least 300 words of text and at least 3 big image banners. This is important for the ease of use for visitors and its good for search indexes like Google. A good description can make a good game.
First way is find a good description from amazon:

Copy from amazon: For this game we can copy all images and use them directly on our site as well for the first part of the description. You can simply select the whole description and paste it in the description field

Copy from the publishers site or any other competitor seller: Just make sure its all in english, and if there is not much text to copy, simply take screenshots of the publisher sites presentation.

Screenshot 2022 02 20T150121.732

5. Product data, price, SKU and EAN code

The tab called product data is important, here we define the selling price and we connect the product to our supplier via SKU. Also we need the correct EAN code to make sure the product connects perfectly.

Regular price: This is the price this game normally sells for, at normal stores, you can search this up on google

Sale price: This is the price we sell the game for, you can find the price on or in the product feed where we also find the SKU code.

SKU: This is a code which is used to link the product with our supplier, it has to be the exact same as what our supplier has. You can find this in the product feed below

Product Feed:

When you open the feed, first separate the columns as follows:

Open the feed, Click on row A to select the whole row

Go to tab ‘data’ and click ‘text to columns’

Leave ‘delimited’  and click next

Tick ´COMMA´ on and click next

Finally click on finished

Thats it, now you an see the full list with all games we offer.

Now simply search for the game using Ctrl + F. Search for the sale price and SKU, put them in the right input. Make sure the SKU matches!

Make sure you also tick the box `Enable stock management at product level` and ´Virtual´.

This is needed for our stock synch and fast checkout for virtual products.

EAN code:

To find the EAN code of a game we will use a price comparison site to collect the code, lets use

Search EAN code of any game: Just search for the game and pick the right console, copy the ean code

Paste it in the game: Paste the ean code in the correct field and save the game.

Final words:

Screenshot 2022 02 20T155330.847Thats it, that is all data needed to correctly add a PS4 account game. But it is important that you publish the game in private modus for a double check by the manager before launch, if you were told to publish you can ignore that step.

The last step is to add licenses/stocks for the game you just added, there is a seperate guide for that:
#   Add licensekeys / restock

Multi-console game?
If the game you’re adding has a PS4, Xbox or Nintendo variant also available, you can link them up so the visitor can switch console with a single click
#   Multiconsole linking

Deluxe edition available?
If the game you’re adding has a special edition available as well, make sure you link those two up.
#   Deluxe Edition Linking

# Add licensekeys / Restock

To add licensekeys/unlock codes for a specific product on the site, you may follow these instructions.

In this example we will add 30 new keys to the game ‘Rainbow Six Extraction – PS5’

1. Log in the consogame backend and collect the keys

Go to ‘’ and log in with the credentials provided by admin

2. Search the game and enter the amount of keys you want, press ‘GENERATE KEYS’

3. Copy all keys and press ‘ADD KEYS’ to save them in the database

4. open a notepad and paste the keys, save them somewhere where you can find it back

5. Go to ‘’ and scroll to ‘2. Import License Keys From .txt File

6. Upload the file you just saved with the keys in it and select/pick the correct game, make sure its the right one in the right category

7. Press ‘Import license keys’




Thats it!

# Multiconsole linking

To link a game that comes out in different consoles, you may follow this guide, games that are available for multiple consoles have a switch in the customer page, that switch only works if the following steps are done correctly. 

Screenshot 2022 02 23T164630.397

1. For this example i will link Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PS4 and PS5 together, in order to do this, first open PS4 edition and scroll down to the right section, open the tab 

Screenshot 2022 02 23T170844.306

2. Press ‘yes’ to open the tab and search for the game in other consoles than the one you’re already on, in this case only PS5 version, i search it, select it

Screenshot 2022 02 23T171807.227

3. Scroll up and press ‘Update’

Screenshot 2022 02 23T171938.455



4. Go to the other console version and repeat


Thats it

Screenshot 2022 02 23T172628.221

# Stock control / disable games

Games are automatically synching prices and stocks every 2 hours, so just putting a game out of stock wont help, you have to disable ‘Enable stock management at product level’ before changing the actual stock

Screenshot 48

Stock management must be turned off, and now you can change the status of the game.

Every status will have different results on the product page

When status is ‘In Stock’

Screenshot 2022 04 23T174022.044

When status is ‘On Backorder’

Screenshot 2022 04 23T174158.837

When status is ‘Out Of Stock’

Screenshot 2022 04 23T174349.303
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