PS4 game account installation guide

Please follow these instructions carefully.

More detailed instructions

Follow these instructions on your PlayStation 4:

  1. Turn on your PS4. When you see the login screen, use the controller to select “New User.”

    Select “Create a User.” Don’t choose “Play as a Guest” – this is a temporary account that gets deleted when it logs out.


    Log in with the credentials we sent you via email

    If the provided credentials do not work, let us know ASAP, click HERE

    You may be asked to sign up for PlayStation Plus, select “Skip.”

     Select “Activate” to make this console your primary PS4.


Enter the PlayStation Store, scroll down and select [Library] START downloading everything that interests you
(Yes you may download more games than what you paid for):

If the account does not have the game you paid for, let us know ASAP, click HERE

Sign out of the purchased account / Hold PS button > [Log Out of PS4], you do not have to wait for the downloads to complete

Finish downloading the game/s on your OWN personal account. You can track progress at [Notifications] > [Downloads]:

If there is a lock on the game and you cant play it after downloadingfirst try to set our account as primary again, if that doesnt work, let us know ASAP, click HERE

Play the game(s) ONLY on your personal account.

  • How to set account as primary:Go to our account -> [Settings] -> [Account management] -> Set as primary console for the account.
  • If you got kicked from the account do the following:– Log in the account via:

    – Search for the game you bought and click “Download to your PS4”

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– Please dont waste time on the installation, prefferably within 4 hours of receiving the account

– Play ONLY on your own account!
– Do NOT delete the given account
– do NOT change anything on the account
– After downloading is finished you don’t have any more access to the account. If you still try to enter the account the game will be locked and your warranty will be discarded.
– If you have any problems, contact us!

Most Asked Questions

Kicked out of the account before download started?
No problem, that means there is another buyer/user also active. You can still start the download via the following link:
Just log in, check the download list and press ‘download to your PS4’
There are more games in the account?
You may download every game you can find, but your warranty is only valid for the game you paid for.
I ordered more games?
Don’t worry if you didn’t get all games you ordered, we deliver 1 account per game. And if you have a missing game that will be delivered very soon.
The account is not working?
-If the game is not in the account, please recheck via the following link:
If you have added the account to your console you can also start the download via the site.
-If you cant log in the account, please contact us as soon as you can, open a ticket via our supportpage.
Can i get a refund?
If you already received the credentials for the game you ordered, we cannot take the game back anymore. The warranty will start on the day we delivered. If you have a problem, do not hesitate to contact us to get your issue solved.