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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days / 12 months - Redeem Key - POLAND


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This product will only work for Polish PSN accounts!


PS+ for 365 Days / 1 Year

Activating your PlayStation Network Card via the Sony website

Please follow these steps to redeem your code via the PSN website:

  1. Go to the Sony website and Sign in;

    Log in screen PSN

  2. Go to your Dashboard and select Redeem code;

    PSN dashboard redeem code screen

  3. Enter the code, click Next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

    PSN redeem prepaid card screen

Activating your PlayStation Network Card via my PS4 console

Do you want to redeem your PSN code via your PS4 console? Please follow these steps to redeem your code:

  1. Go to the Store in your main menu;

    Playstation store screen

  2. Scroll down and choose Redeem code;

    PSN redeem codes screen

  3. Enter your Code and confirm. Have fun!

    Enter voucher code on PSN console

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