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RIDE 3 - PS4



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Overview RIDE 3 - PS4


Collect. Customize. Race

This completely revised experience maintains the identity of the series and brings a suite of new features & improvements. Feel the adrenaline of a real rider with RIDE 3.


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30 Roads and Racetracks from Around the World

From GPs and Supermoto tracks to country circuits and city rides – RIDE 3 will satisfy all tastes, taking you on a tour of the most iconic roads in the world.

Brand New AI and Physics

The AI, physics and collisions systems have been re-written from scratch for the most realistic experience yet.

Stunning Graphics

Unreal Engine 4 brings photorealistic environments and stunning lighting effects.

Motorbike Encyclopedia & Extreme Customisation

RIDE 3 features 230+ models from 30 iconic manufacturers. Modify the mechanics to make your bike race-ready, while the new livery editor will let you unleash your creativity.

ducati turn
RIDE 3 is the ultimate motorbike game for bike enthusiasts: realistic, adrenaline-packed, and featuring over 230 bikes dedicated to racing fans. Maintaining the identity of the popular RIDE series, RIDE 3 brings all-new features and elements to the game to create an unmatched motor biking experience. From GPs and Super moto tracks to country and city circuits, RIDE 3 has it all. Ride in the most iconic places around the world, whether competing in road circuits, drag races, or any of the many categories included in the game. Thanks to the new customization possibilities, you will be able to modify your beloved bike both on a mechanical and aesthetic level, with the brand-new livery editor. Discover maximum freedom of choice with the new volume-based career mode and go deeper into the single-player story while unlocking new challenges.

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