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PlayStation Plus 90 Days - 3 months - WORLDWIDE - Account

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36,44$ 10,92$

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This product will work worldwide, no region restriction


PS+ for 90 Days / 3 Months

PlayStation Plus Online 3 months subscription

Play multiplayer games against or with your friends or all gamers around the world!

This is the cheapest product you can buy to be able to play multiplayer on ALL accounts on your PS4!

This product is not an activation key, but an account instead, Meaning it is an account where we buy the subscription from the cheapest region and we are able to let two users use the subscription, that is how this product is so cheap.

All you have to do is add the account to your PS4 and that’s it, you can now play multiplayer on your own account for 3 months!
The downside is that you don’t get the free PSN monthly games, however, almost all of our PSN accounts have some free games already that you may download.

* We do not offer a warranty on the free games you can download in the account
* We offer 3 months of warranty to the account since you also pay for 3 months.


Save money!
You won’t have to pay 49,99 for only the multiplayer function, our account is safe and we sell with a warranty so there won’t be any issues. 

Same multiplayer functions
After purchase you will get the PS+ subscription on all profiles on the console, you will play multiplayer on your own account, but for less money.

Chance to get more free games
Our accounts might have some more games on it because of the lower prices or PSN deals, its a small free gift from us to the buyers.

What you don’t get

No PS+ icon next to your profile
Because the PS+ is officially bought on our profile from a cheaper region, the icon won’t move to your own profile, You will be able to play multiplayer though.

No PS+ month deals
Because the PS+ subscription is officially on our account, you will not be able to profit from the monthly deals PSN offers.