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My Hero One's Justice 2 - PS4

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Overview My Hero One's Justice 2 - PS4

My Hero One’s Justice 2

BYKING and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment immortalized the famous My Hero Academia anime by turning it onto an action-packed, radiant game – My Hero One’s Justice 2. The over-the-top gameplay circulating around the famous heroes of the franchises is one of the most remarkable fighting titles. Buy My Hero One’s Justice 2 and enjoy the 3D arena fighter – use the full potential of characters’ ‘quirks’ in the greatest epic battles you have ever witnessed! Enter you, the most determined player, aspiring to become part of the famous Shonen story and master the abilities of your favourite characters.

Revisit the iconic scenes

My Hero One’s Justice 2 will take gamers on a memory ride as you will get to relive and authentically experience the most iconic scenes and battles from My Hero Academia anime. The whole cast from the famous franchise is here and ready for some blasts and kicking! Besides, you will meet some new faces as there are numerous new characters that joined the play. Choose from 40 playable characters, build the team of your dreams with the villain or hero of your choice. Train, improve, and unlock PLUS ULTRA meter to use the full potential of your quirks in order to blast your opponents off!

A promising fighter

My Hero Academia One’s Justice 2 is a fighting game, although released recently, competes with the most popular titles in the genre. Buy My Hero One’s Justice 2 and you can rock the gameplay features that provide an invigorating experience for fighters at heart! Jump right into frenzy battles alongside amazing companions and fight to be the very best.

  • An abundance of characters. Choose from 40 playable characters, villains, and heroes alike. Fight alongside the famous Deku, All Might, Shigaraki and many more;
  • High-quality graphics. Supported by Unreal Engine, the game boasts with high-quality graphics and smooth controls, along with fantastically colourful animations and visualizations to enhance the gameplay experience;
  • Plus Ultras. Now you can unlock even greater Plus Ultras and utilize the potential of your character’s Quirks to the maximum, so the more you train, the more amazing combats you are going to experience;
  • Original content. The title consistently keeps up with the official storyline of the My Hero Academia manga, so the players can become a part of a story they love so much



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