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Dragon Quest Builders - Nintendo Switch

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Overview Dragon Quest Builders - Nintendo Switch

Build for fun! Build an Adventure! Build and save the world!

Defeat the evil Dragonlord in a world built from blocks in Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch !

Create a new world anytime, anywhere

With Nintendo Switch, you can take Dragon Quest Builders with you anywhere at any time. In addition, in the Nintendo Switch version, you get an exclusive Great Sabrecub that increases your speed and a special resource that you can use to defeat enemies.

A world surrounded by chaos

Centuries ago, there was a hero destined to defeat the terrible ruler of all monsters, Dragonlord. Sadly, he was deceived by the treacherous monster and joined him … Since then, the kingdom of Alefgard has been shrouded in darkness.

The magical creations of this vile enemy took humanity’s strength and will to build and fell into obscurity. Creativity was hard to find for the people of Alefgard. Ever since, they’ve wandered the ruins of their former home, looking for a grain of hope to survive.

The goddess has spoken

You have been chosen by the goddess Rubiss. In this epic story, you are a legendary builder and you explore a huge open world where you can collect resources, craft items and build all the impossible.

Your legacy

Master the art of building, shape your own cities the way you want and defend or save the inhabitants from monsters. A successful quest will allow you to rebuild Alefgard, the realm where the Dragon Quest series began.

Only when humanity’s imagination and creativity has returned will you be able to defeat the evil Dragonlord once and for all.

Unlimited building

There is a separate game mode where you have unlimited resources and can build whatever you want. The intuitive operating system lets you effortlessly create the towers and castles of your dreams!

  • Restore life in the ruined realm of Alefgard in Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch!
  • Collect resources, craft items and build whatever you want – anytime, anywhere!
  • Play in a story of epic proportions set in an open world filled with memorable characters and dangerous monsters.
  • Use your creativity to fight the reigning Dragonlord and restore peace to the disintegrated realm.
  • An exclusive to Nintendo Switch, the Great Sabrecub will increase your speed and provide special resources to defeat enemies.

Account Format

What we are offering are legal and genuine Digital Downloads, but sent in the form of an account. After purchase you will receive an account with prepurchased game, put it on your console and use to start the download. Then you will switch back to your own profile and play. The game comes directly from Nintendo eShop, you will be able to go online, get updates etc.

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  • game directly from Nintendo eShop with all features like multiplayer, updates etc.
  • region free, buy and play the game anywhere in the world

After setup process the game will be available to launch on your own account, just as any other game or app you purchased directly in Nintendo eShop.